2020 Buy Quickly Annual Party

2020 Buy Quickly Annual Party

Love Life, Love Work, Love Yourself

A throwback to “Buy Quickly” – our parent company’s Gala Night.

It was a memorable night indeed and the Arriva team was honoured to have been invited to be a part of the most prestigious event hosted by our parent company.

The Arriva team was represented by Mr. Billy Qiu (Arriva’s Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Yohan Yao (Chief Operating Officer), Mr. Harry Pan (Country Manager) and Mr. Tiger Wei (Head of Visual Merchandising Design).

It was more than just a celebration of the decade of talents at Buy Quickly. Buy Quickly emphasized working wholeheartedly and living happily. How could we let go of the opportunity to showcase our talents?

The night started with Micheal Jackson’s “Beat It” to light up the crowd. It did not take long for the ladies and gentleman in our company to turn into superstars that rocked the stage.

Let’s pick your favourite show!

It’s not an annual dinner if there are no lucky draws!

It was that time of year again – where people would share their lucky draw winnings from their own annual dinners, how could Buy Quickly not have been a part of their employees’ stories? With odds of more than 64% to win and a grand total of 6-figures worth of prizes, the night was abuzz with excitement!

The heart-warming moments

The logistic departments’ promotional video by the Buy Quickly team won the hearts of the crowd – so much so that our Vice President shed tears on stage! Every inch of footage recorded showed the effort and hard work of the “Buy Quickly” team.

In addition, the IT Research and Development team showcased the history of Buy Quickly through an immersive video titled the “Dance of Data”.

The cutest people in Buy Quickly

Buy Quickly promotes our outstanding partners by “saluting the fighters” every year. They are either top leaders, people who have high moral values or have simply found happiness in helping others. The resounding echo of applause at the award-giving ceremony reflected the best and most sincere compliments from the crowd.

It’s helped us believe that we will be invincible when we give it our all. Youth waits for no one and kind souls are invincible.

See you next year at our 10th-anniversary celebration!

Buy Quickly wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!