Buy Quickly was awarded “Tmall Top Service Provider” for the 7th consecutive year and 13th times.

While everyone is concerned about the COVID-19 issue, we have recently received the selection results of “Tmall Star Service Operators in the second half of 2019“:

Our parent company – Buy Quickly has won the “Tmall Six-Star Service Provider” award again with its strong global service expertise.

This is also the 7th consecutive year and the 13th time that Buy Quickly has been awarded the “Tmall Top Service Provider” (2013-2018 tenth consecutive Tmall five-star service provider). At the same time, in Tmall’s 2019 Q4 service provider industry rankings, Buy Quickly ranked among the best in the apparel industry including footwear, lingerie, sportswear, luggage and accessories, jewellery and other categories – helping the development of the fashion industry in e-commerce.

This is exciting news for all of us in Buy Quickly and Arriva.

This honour not only represents Tmall’s official continuous recognition of Buy Quickly’s operation and service quality, but also directly represents Buy Quickly’s service philosophy, values ​​and operation efficiency in the past 9 years – To fulfil our promise to brand clients by providing high standard service.

The selection of “Tmall Star Service Providers” has been regarded as the highest glory of Tmall Service Providers since its launch due to its highly professional requirements and strict specifications. Tmall’s six-star service provider also represents the best service provider with comprehensive strength evaluation at the tops of the pyramid.

The rapid development of the industry and the extreme changes in the consumer market have prompted platforms and brands to place higher requirements on the comprehensive capabilities of e-commerce service providers.

Buy Quickly’s luxury product strategy has achieved remarkable results, and more iconic luxury and high-end fashion brands have joined hands with Buy Quickly to achieve strategic partnerships.
These achievements are the fruits of the high standard “six-star service”.

This award is not only a recognition of Buy Quickly’s service in the second half of 2019 but also sets a higher benchmark for Buy Quickly’s development in 2020.

We at Arriva will also take our parent company – Buy Quickly as our inspiration and benchmark in delivering high standard service to our brand clients in order to achieve success in this competitive e-commerce industry.